Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don Draper in Dr. House's World?

So I noticed this funny reference today while watching one of my favorite shows; House (season 7 episode 13 "Two Stories") It appears that they cracked a little joke at Don Draper from MadMen (another one of my favorite shows).

That's House telling this character that its his turn to show the kids what he does on career day. The person you see says right after this that his name isn't Don, but John Dryden (compare to dark-haired Don Draper). The teacher of the class introduces him as someone who works for one of the largest advertising agencies in New York. Funny. Especially considering I always thought the two characters quite similar in some ways.

Also in that episode, some satirical product placement:

Of course this Hyundai score was more a laugh than anything considering the size of that machine gun or whatever it is, and then the blatant quote that Taub says. Good stuff.

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