Friday, February 28, 2014


How does one fit as much meaning into as little space as possible? Here's a recent promotion for Ikea, done by the German agency thjnk:

Brevity is a staple in effective advertising (blast you, required fine print!). Condensing the message means fitting as much meaning and information in the smallest way. While in the IKEA demo above a conglomerate of words were used, the principle of minimal work can still be appreciated. Here is some inspiration taken from street art. Take a sincere moment to try and identify the message. Artist unknown (to me):

"Lost for words". Cool.

These to concepts lead to me another idea (don't you like stealing?). Particularly in the last one, a static image not dependent on changing lights, we as the viewer entirely choose what to see. Is there room for this in advertising? Usually it is frowned upon; one viewer interpreting an ad entirely different from the next. But maybe the same idea can be applied to the an idea that nearly everyone is trying to message to their consumers right now: "Everyone is different, everyone is unique". Now, I'm not going to go all hashtag deep on whether we all are different, but the consumer likes to think so.

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