Monday, February 24, 2014

Deep in Create

The last time I posted here (one year ago), I was a fresh and hopeful creative banana as part of the Texas Creative program. Two semesters later, I'm still here, but instead of that firm green banana I once was, I'm a little less fresh, a little more bruised. The one thing I've noticed most immediately this past semester or two is a lot, if not too much, self-editing. Something that is obviously discouraged, especially early on in the creative process. Don't limit yourself, put it all on paper immediately. In getting better at recognizing good ideas, I've been skipping that part for better or worse. Last semester I felt I was in a bit of a creative slump, a victim of this self-editing. But, as they (I) say, recognizing a problem is half the battle. We're about one third through my senior semester, and I'm feeling like I'm on a bit of a hot-streak recently. The problem is just getting everything down and done. This semester has been the busiest of my life, and also the most important. That's all I have for now.

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